'Their lives were juxtaposed with mine in every way imaginable. And yet, one visit and conversation was enough to realize that they still had the same dreams and desires. Hearing the kids (at FXBIS Suraksha Education Center, Noida, UP) talk about their dream careers betrayed the faith they had in their own abilities and in the efforts of the NGOs that operated in these limited-resource settings.

Mohit Nair - Intern, FXBIS, New Delhi

'The internship provided a great platform for me to apply what I learned during my graduate studies at Harvard to real  fieldwork and community development. I particularly appreciated the hands-on nature of the work—engaging with the FXB staff and village residents was a truly unique experience that allowed me to witness the successes, challenges, barriers, and resiliency of rural community development.

Cindy W. Lin - Intern, FXBIS, Puducherry

' Way back in 2008 , a HIV widow with two positive children and Help co-infection, I was in despair. Poverty, self hatred, disease and discrimination were my only possessions. FXBIS has given me back a new life, a new confidence, and a new energy not only to help myself but also the other vulnerable groups of population who are in a worst situation' 

Maisnam Reena - Peer Volunteer, FXBVillage, Manipur

'There is some difference working in FXBIS. It gives me a feeling of belongingness, trust and respect. I have been treated not as a Volunteer but as a sister to everyone.'   As an HIV infected widow Asem Sushila volunteers  at Plasma Viral Load Testing programme.  It helps PLHAs to monitor, adherence and take the right kind of ARV regimens. I thank AIDS ARK & FXBIS for the support. 

Asem Sushila - Peer Volunteer, FXBVillage, Manipur

Rita, is proud of her children's progress in school. A long time associate of FXBIS Manipur, she says , ' I still remember the days when my husband who is now no more was suffering from HIV and AIDS.  My attachment with FXBIS Manipur is for a long time - more than 10 years atleast. Whatever little money I get from my service helps me to lead a life of my own.'

Sorokhaibam Rita - Support Staff, Nutritional Support programme , FXBVillage , Manipur

'I had always a dream to help the poor people and specially the children. FXBIS has given me the opportunity. My father who was the victim of arm conflict used to tell me that I should be brave to help others' , says Velentina. She helps children to  learn and complete their homework every afternoon at the FXBIS community support class in a village in the East Imphal, Manipur.

Ngairangbam Velentina - Community Tutor, FXBVillage, Manipur

"I think one of the interesting things in the FXB approach is the building up of the capability of people on the basis of past experience... (It) is doing extraordinarily good work."

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

"It is very good that FXB is working to support AIDS Orphans... our common message is that of solidarity"

His Excellence, Jeromme Bonnafont

"The efforts of FXB India deserve full appreciation because of the specific focus on reaching out to children."

Shri M. Hamid Ansari

"FXB believes that the best solution for helping vulnerable children is to strengthen the social and economic capacities of their families and communities. When empowered with the right tools and resources, caregivers are better able to protect and raise the orphans and vulnerable children in their communities"

Countess Albina du Boisrouvray