Last three months have been exciting.  New collaboration happened, some more in the pipeline.  This gives us the hope to keep our efforts strong in touching lives with more wings & feathers.


FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) has joined hands with Arghyam foundation, to address health vulnerabilities by promoting intensive Water; Sanitation & Hygiene related interventions in Jharkhand. With the national campaign 'Clean India' or 'Swatch Bharat' running across the country, FXBIS strives to contribute to this mission in Jharkhand and in rest of the country. In the recent past we have successfully facilitated two villages in Mathur Panchayat of Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu to become free from open defecation.

The visit to Amlapuram in Andhra Pradesh, this quarter to witness women led self help groups running different enterprise successfully is very motivating. Behind the success lies the spirit of women striving for better lives. Having said that FXBIS also ensures the motivation level should be maintained. So, In addition to the enterprise, enterprise based skill training program for women was initiated as part of the enterprise development service, which will definitely help build their skills and help them lead confident and dignified lives.

This quarter also saw successful completion of an integrated development programme for the communities of three remote villages in Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan. FXBIS provided the comprehensive care to the villagers and facilitated around 200 children especially girls to go back to the school and continue education, with support from AREVA Corporate Foundation.

I am looking forward to the next quarter especially the Children's day an event I look forward to where our children from across the country celebrate and motivate us with their confidence and innocence to continue with our efforts. We are also moving to a new address which will be updated on the website soon.

Happy Reading!

Mamta Borgoyary

CEO- FXB India Suraksha