I am 10 : FXB India Suraksha celebrated its decade long journey

Mamta Borgoyary, CEO, FXB India Suraksha reflects on her experience working with communities across India


Birthdays are always special as they provide an opportunity to not only reflect the bygone year but also look forward to the coming year with a sense of optimism.  FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) celebrated its 10th anniversary on 24th April, 2017. We at FXBIS took this opportunity to commemorate a decade long journey of courage and connections: Empowering Families and Strengthening Communities. The evening celebrated in the company of friends and well wishers, was an opportunity to recognize the contribution of FXBIS team members who have given long years of hard work and dedication in ensuring the goals of FXBIS are actualized. Their belief in the right of every human being to a life of dignity has been the greatest source of strength and inspiration for everyone attached with FXBIS.

On this special occasion a new logo of FXBIS commemorating the completion of 10 years was launched. The logo reflects the two ideals that continue to motivate FXBIS work, courage and connectedness.  A short film- Celebrating Lives were also released.  The movie acted as a tribute to the hundreds of courageous people across India who went against given norms and practice to make a change and improve the lives of their communities. 

A panel discussion titled 'Inspiring Change' was held with the participation of esteemed panelists, which included Dilshad Master,  media veteran and management professional, Rashmi Tiwari, founder and CEO of the path breaking NGO, AAHAN Foundation and   Manish Dubey, development analyst and writer. The panelists spoke about their experiences dealing with adversity and the importance of faith in overcoming them. Dilshad Master, a cancer survivor, spoke about her motto in life, 'Just Do It' and 'Impossible is Nothing' while Rashmi Tiwari spoke about the need to acknowledge fear and develop the strength to fight it. Manish Dubey wrapped up the session by talking about the need to follow our dreams. Manish's message acted as an apt prelude to the following part of the event, as a young budding dance group The Kings Crew, gave a scintillating performance. 

The Kings Crew performs at the event


To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak! they like to say. The Kings Crew with 10 members based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh is a youth group bound by their passion for dance. They are an inspiration to their peers. They are survivors and have not let their tough circumstances be a hindrance to their goals and dreams. Self taught dancers the troupe have been earning laurels at different platforms including the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. Currently they are working on their plans to open a dance academy. (Know more about The Kings Crew, please contact, Mr. Virender Churasiya, 9999499296/

Team FXBIS gathered under one roof from all across the country for the celebrations. As the evening drew to a close with a customary group photograph, it was a moment of humility and reaffirmation of our trust and belief in the possibility of bringing real social change.

 Glimpses from the event :