International Womens' Day 2016: FXB India Suraksha recognizes the inspirational leadership of its women members

Which woman inspires you? For us they are numerous....Improbability is however is not a word that completes the vocabulary of Ch. Sulochana Devi (name not changed), one of the pioneers at FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) family.  At 40, she is a seasoned counsellor at FXB India Suraksha Care and Support Centre in East Imphal, Manipur in North East India.

Women entrepreneurs from the coir rope making unit in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu/Pondicherry

Women entrepreneurs from the coir rope making unit in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu/Pondicherry


In 2004 when she came into contact with FXBIS she felt lost due to the debilitating social rejection at being HIV positive. After her husband, Chaoba, an IDU (Inject drug user) lost his fight against HIV and after Sulochana had her second child, she found herself to be HIV positive. Living in a remote, conflict ridden society with poor health care facilities and little information, she had a gruelling time providing for her children. At FXB India Suraksha she was counselled and slowly realized there are many like her and was referred to the Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) center soon after. Within a year she started recovering and joined FXBIS as an outreach worker.


Sulochan's story is just one stirring stories of many across the world. To recognize such inspirational leaderships, we at FXB India Suraksha are celebrating this day with over 2000 women across India on this International Women's Day. To make this day special, FXBIS is hosting a series of events with the community members in the different pockets of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh. From the FXBIS project/programme sites of India, women entrepreneurs along with the community members will participate in the rallies, public seminars, cultural events & sports activities to mark the day. The successful inspirational entrepreneurs/women's will be recognized to serve as an inspiration to other women members.


We at FXB India Suraksha bring you tiny tales of 11 inspirational women's from the grassroots through a short video named 'From homemakers to changemakers'. They belonging from the remotest corners of the country spread their stories of change through their confident smiles. Once a part of the vulnerable community today these women are the inspiration to many. FXBIS salute and recognizes their courage and determination this women's day. Watch the photo essay- 'From homemakers to changemakers' here -


To mark the occasion, Mamta Borgoyary, CEO FXB India Suraksha says, "FXB India Suraksha has championed the rights of women in areas of the country far removed from the public and media gaze. We are working with women from marginalized communities, stigmatized and in many cases disowned by their community and family. In a journey spanning almost a decade, we have met and facilitated the innate strength and leadership of thousands of women. Today they are empowered, confident & happy citizens of the society & this gives us immense satisfaction".




FXB India Suraksha is a non-profit organisation providing developmental assistance to marginalized children, families and communities in rural and urban India. FXBIS works to reduce vulnerabilities in context with poverty, health, education, and security.

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