Investing in Education

We work towards realization of Right to Education as a fundamental right for every marginal and vulnerable child; this is a key focus in all our project areas. With a focus on mainstreaming vulnerable and marginalized drop out school children back to regular schools, we work with parents and local schools to ensure that the children go back to school and attend regularly. Through our Education Centers in different states, we provide supplementary support through non-formal education and tuition classes to the children to assist them to improve their performance. Through our computer classes, we equip the children with access to modern technology. We conduct adult literacy classes for women to develop their self-esteem, knowledge base and confidence.

Programme impact so far:

  • 100% school attendance in our project areas.

  • 39 children living on the Jaipur platforms and nearby slums were admitted back to the schools.

  • In Tamil Nadu, evening coaching classes and computer education classes are conducted in four centres which help literate around 100 kids. Education material like subject guides, notebooks and books, geometry box, dictionary and other accessories are also distributed to around 70 children from the fishery villages.

  • In Andhra Pradesh, FXB Education Center for Schedule Caste colony was initiated in a community building where 27 children are regularly attending quality education classes.

  • In East Imphal district of   Manipur 74 children from HIV AIDS infected/affected families are supported through coaching in the Education Centre . More than 20 students of the centre have displayed exemplary academic performance.

  • In Noida Slum, 143 children from Noida Slum got admission in private and government school.

  • Over 850 OVCs (Other Vulnerable Children) have been ensured at least one full meal with nutritional supplements every day through FXB Day-care centers and over 500 children attending school regularly with FXB support are showing marked improvement in grades.

  • Regular health checkups and first aid medicines are also being availed by around 500 children. Moreover, even school dropout rate have reduced sharply in FXB programme areas.

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