Unleashing the Explorer in Us! : Children's Day 2016

Children with their wish tree in Jaipur as part of Children's Day celebrations.


“I want to become a Police Officer and make my parents proud. Every year Children’s Day celebrations help me work hard for my goals and wishes. I also like having a good time with my friends” said Khushi, aged 10 studying at Suraksha Education Center, Noida. At FXBIS we persevere to provide the platform from where their dreams can take off.


In India we celebrate children's day on 14th November, in commemoration of the birth anniversary of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This year at FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) 1393 children at its project sites in Noida (Uttar Pradesh),Sanyasikuppam (Puducherry), Nesal village (Tamil Nadu), Imphal (Manipur), Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) ,Jaipur ( Rajasthan) and Namkum block (Jharkhand) celebrated with events and activities spread throughout the week, 8 -14th November 2016 under the theme "Unleash the explorer in you". Keeping Nehru's philosophy of being open to experiences and knowledge we will assist children explore their dreams and wishes. FXBIS through these activities aims to instill an attitude for discovery that will last a lifetime.


"Children are by nature exploratory. In this age of increasing conflicts over rights, over identity and anger against diversity, it is particularly important to rekindle and strengthen  the exploratory mindsets of the future generation so that conventions, prejudices and judgments are questioned for the good of humanity and for real progress to happen. I hope through this initiative we will unleash the creativity needed amongst our children", said Mamta Borgoyary, CEO, FXBIS


A wish always comes with the power to make it true. A common activity running through the celebrations at all centers this year was creating a wish tree. Children were asked to write their personal notes which would act as a pledge and reminder to work hard through the coming year. These notes will also guide FXBIS in encouraging each child in pursuing their dreams through the coming with periodic events, workshops and individual counseling.


Children are strong and they can achieve whatever they want. They can change their surrounding and condition if they decided to do so was the key message of the events. The activities  being a combination of rights awareness sessions and arts and crafts lessons motivated children to speak out and be creative. In Noida and Sanyasikuppam, they were encouraged to express their dreams and wishes by painting murals on the school wall. In Jaipur, message of unity of all children was given through the screening of 'Hamara Bachpan' (a short film). A box with helpline numbers was installed in Sanyasikuppam and Imphal with the wish tree where children can drop a message or give a call if they need assistance with something or have a problem. The members of the Child Parliaments and Youth Clubs will be responsible for periodically answering the questions and issues raised by the friends. In Noida, children held a rally within their communities to raise awareness on the rights of children and promote the child helpline number, 1098 amongst children and parents. In Nesal village, skits performed by children under the theme ‘Educating A Girl Child’ and the deliberative session of the “Children’s Parliament” impressed their teachers and all present with the clarity of their thoughts and articulation.


Childhood is also about fun and exuberance. Children across the projects took part in games, activities and competitions. A painting competition for the children of the Suraksha Support class  in Imphal brought a lot of joy and acted as a respite from ongoing conflict in the state. In Visakhapatnam children participated in a drawing competition on "My Wish" and essay writing competition on "Child Rights". The week full of exciting events were concluded with excursions and outdoor activities in Nesal village. In Namkum,  children  paid tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru India’s first Prime Minister on his birthday followed by recitation, singing, dancing and 50 meter race competition. Gifts , snacks and prizes were distributed to all the children present. Learning became a lot of fun when children from Noida and Puducherry  visited Jantar Mantar and Auroville museum and beach respectively.


An integral part of all FXBIS programmes is to empower children and adolescents to follow their dreams. In a safe, secure and protective environment FXBIS nurtures the goals and desires of children by facilitating access to services and information. FXBIS believes in the universal and fundamental ‘Right to Education’. The envisioned impact of the FXBIS Education Strategy is educated, confident, productive and socially responsible children and youth.


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