People Living with HIV need support to access and adhere to treatment, to strengthen the capacity of families to manage HIV infection, to maximize the value of referrals and linkages to social protection schemes and services, to address instances of stigma and discrimination, and to reinforce positive prevention strategies. To address these needs, India HIVAIDS Alliance, working closely with the Department of AIDS Control (DAC) and with funding from the Global Fund, has initiated the Vihaan programme to scale-up care and support services for PLHIV in India. Meaning 'dawn's first light' in Sanskrit, Vihaan complements the national treatment programme and has been designed in line with the National AIDS Control Programme IV (NACP IV).

VIHAAN is the largest direct service programme for those living with HIV (PLHIV) & those affected by HIV in India at present, and includes the vulnerable and Most At Risk Population (MARPs), to support the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) Phase IV.As SR, FXB India Suraksha is responsible for programme funding, management and monitoring of VIHAAN for 5 states in the North Eastern part of India. FXB India Suraksha is working in the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura to implement VIHAAN with the support of respective State AIDS Control Societies (SACS) and a host of other core and peripheral stakeholders like ART Centres, PLHIV networks, ICDS, DAPCUs, health centres, ICTCs, DOT Centres, various government departments and civil society organizations (CSOs). VIHAAN seeks to establish and manage Care & Support Centres (CSCs) in the intervention states as part of the national effort to improve treatment outcomes and meet the needs of the PLHIV – including MARP groups, woman and children over a period of three years. The program intends to increase treatment adherence, improve quality of life for PLHIV, and mitigate the impact of HIV/ AIDS in India.
FXB India Suraksha is implementing the programme in partnership with 11 Sub-sub- Recipients (SSRs) which include Non-government organizations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) representing Networks of People Living with HIV from the respective states. FXB India Suraksha is working with the partners to build partner's capacity, manage grants, monitor activities and advocate for access to treatment and other services for PLHIVs through the CSCs and the Help Desks.


Vihaan was being implemented in April 2013 in the North East states of India by FXB India Suraksha as part of the care, support and treatment component of National AIDS Control Programme  (NACP-IV) has started  showing the results as it completes a year. India HIV AIDS Alliance (Alliance India) is one of the Principal Recipients (PR) for the Global Fund Round Six RCC Phase II (Rolling Continuation Channel) Programme, where it is supporting FXBIS to implement the Vihaan programme as regional Sub Receipent in six states of North East India which includes Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim and Tripura.

The Vihaan project is providing expanded and holistic care and support services for PLHIVs, especially those from high-risk groups, and women and children infected and affected by HIV. FXBIS is managing seven sub-sub recipients, who have established eight Care and Support Centres (CSCs) spread across six states and three Help Desks (HDs) in Mizoram respectively. The CSC and HDs locations are in Kamrup, Dibrugarh & Cachar districts of Assam, Tripura, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Meghalaya; and three HDs in Lunglei, Kolasib and Champhai districts in Mizoram.

In last one year, state level advocacy was conducted in all the states with different line department which includes State AIDS Control Society, Health Department, Transport Department, Social Welfare Department, PLHIV Network and other NGO's working in the field of HIV AIDS.

The State Oversight Committee (SOC) comprises of SACS and key stakeholders to support the project are formed in all the states except Tripura.

Discrimination response Team comprised of community members, CSC staff, local leaders and a lawyer are formed in all CSCs.

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