When happiness comes wrapped in chalks and slates!!

Vishakhapatnam, July 31, 2014: Sometimes happiness can arrive packed in slates, chalks, notebooks and pencils. For little hands of tribal children in Kodali village of rural Vishakhapatnam district, these little bundles of joy are a window to different world. With the aim of identifying and improving the quality of education of the destitute community, FXB India Suraksha recently launched its "Suraksha Education Center" in this little remote tribal village in Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

In India, Tribal communities continue to face economic deprivation and lack of access to basic services. Low literacy rates continue to indicate a need for more holistic support, from health to attitudes, thus allowing for delivery of high-quality education. And no wonder why the kids jumped in joy as they were gifted with slates and chalks, notebooks and pencils at the inauguration of "Sarala Kendram" a Suraksha Education Center for tribal children in the village.



Tribal Children at the education center


Andhra Pradesh is one of the nine states that together account for more than four-fifths of the total tribal population in India. Others are Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, and West Bengal.

The primary means of livelihood in this village continues to be agriculture & daily wage labour. Lack of education and awareness in fact has been the key reason for continuing exploitation and deprivation.


"Though awareness on education is gradually improving, the parents in most of the settlements are unable to afford quality education. We aim to provide supplementary education support to such children", says Kiran Kumar Guntur, Program Manager, FXB India Suraksha.

The education centre was started for 26 tribal boys and girls studying in class 1st to 5th in the local Govt. run primary school. . Interactive learning and competency based teaching techniques have been introduced into the curriculum to help the slow learners to improve their language and mathematics competencies.



Students with their favorite tutor Nagamani




Children receiving school materials as the school reopens after the summer vacations

Initiated with small donations from a local friend's network called FINA (Friends Indeed Networks Association) the centre also got support from the local school & community as they provided separate building to run the center. Meanwhile the kids continue to enjoy their dose of learning not just with the study materials but also with their friend cum inspiration, Nagamani, a proactive tribal girl who completed her Degree in education despite limitations and is now voluntarily teaching the children at the center.