A 'young' brush awaiting colours!!!

Ramzaan has this belief, that one day he will be a professional artist. A drug and substance abuse survivor, Ramzaan, 15 years old, wishes to finish his incomplete education and get admission in a painting school.


He reminisces, the bone chilling night when he ran away from his home with two of his friends. He randomly took a train from Kashmir and landed in Jaipur railway station. It was freezing cold. He saw the fellow homeless children sniffing something from a handkerchief and getting to sleep on the platform. Ramzaan was shivering badly.

He asked them for 'that thing', which he hardly knew about.  That was the first time he inhaled a substance and even unknowingly his life took a sad turn. Very soon it became his habit and turned into a desperate need.


Ramzaan has his mother and three siblings to look after. And now all of them do the rag picking at the Jaipur Railway Station to earn the living. But Ramzaan is not the same boy anymore. "Their pain forced me to think responsibly and leave the bad habit of drug using.  That was the time, I got to meet one of the team members of FXB India Suraksha and they helped me in all possible ways in showing a new path of my life,” says Ramzaan.


FXB India Suraksha facilitates access to counselling, basic health, shelter, recreation and other support services for the children in distress.


It's almost two years since Ramzaan is away from the substance abuse.  Today he is a boy with dreams in his eyes. He wants to support his family, who doesn't even have a roof over their head, with his hard work and talent. “As I grow I want to help these homeless children realize and utilize their talents. It’s also a way of making them busy hence prevent them of engaging in negative activities and also they can earn their living,” he exclaims.


In Ramzaan, what lives is an artist waiting to be nurtured and the promises he has shown, it clearly symbolizes of the long way that he has ahead.