Building Resilience for Rural Women

This year (2020) on International Day of Rural Women (15 October), the spotlight is on the urgent need for building rural women's resilience in the wake of COVID-19 - for "building back better" by strengthening rural women's sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing.

Rural women play a crucial role in agriculture, food security and nutrition, land and natural resource management. Yet, their contributions go largely unrecognized. They are also often considered "inferior" to their male counterparts as a consequence of which their role in decision-making is denied to them.

FXB India Suraksha's goal since inception has been to give voice to the vulnerable categories of which rural women are definitely one. Through all its community-driven programmes in the 12 states of the country, FXBIS ensures providing a safe, secure and protected environment wherein the women thrive and reach their full potential. Our endeavour is to assist them in enabling a life of dignity and self-reliance sans any dependence.

FXBIS invests in gender-responsive investments to expand basic infrastructure, healthcare and care services in rural areas. Bolstering women's economic empowerment through various livelihood options such as animal husbandry (pisciculture, goat rearing, poultry, bee keeping), organic farmingand weaving, and facilitating self-help groups amongst these teams of micro-entrepreneurs, the FXBIS teams in rural areas – specially of the North-East –are catalysing the change towards better resilience. This International Day of Rural Women is a key moment to salute the spirit of entrepreneurship of the "forgotten people of forgotten places".

Sl. No. Name of the activity Families covered - Direct
1 Goatery Promotion activity 172
2 Pisci culture 239
3 Poultry 150
4 Piggery 70
5 Integrated farming – Duckery & Fish farming 20
6 Weaving promotion 210
7 Eri Silk extraction 100
Total 961
Beyond LIvelihoods
Weavers' Livelihood Program
Weaving Promotion Workshop, Kamrup (Assam)
Animal Husbandry As Practised In Intervention Villages Of Assam And Meghalaya
Example of Animal Husbandry practised in Intervention Villages of Assam and Meghalaya
Feedback Session With Rural Women Understanding The Challenges