• FXBIS was recognized on in 2019 – a pan-world knowledge platform showcasing best innovative practices in education. Through NFE and use of TLMs, FXBIS has been fostering learning though innovations via its 'Suraksha Education Programme' since 2007.
  • Over 900 children are being assisted to improve competencies in reading, writing and arithmetic through remedial classes at the 24 Suraksha Education Centres (SECs) established.
  • Children libraries established in 35 schools and the 24 SECs, thus encouraging and enabling around 25000children to improve their reading, comprehension and expression skills, most importantly the love for reading and learning about the world.
  • Complete make-over of a government school in district Sanyasikuppam, Puducherry and schools in Darrang, Assam, thereby proactively enthusing 2000 students to reduce absenteeism and enjoy coming to schools.
  • FXBIS has successfully ensured 'zero child labour' at home or workplace withinits working geographies.
  • 9 anganwadis have been refurbished completely and provided ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) kits for enhanced learning and development for children below 6 years.
  • Enrolled above 500 school dropouts back to mainstream schooling.
  • 300 children affected by AIDS in Andhra Pradesh and Manipur have been assisted with 100% fee payment support.
  • 'Youth Resource Centres' (YRCs) in Assam, Rajasthan, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu catalysing change for rural young people to access digital resources for learning and career growth. Vocational training MoUs signed with NIIT, RIIT& ICICI Foundations, Raymonds, ILFS,and government bodies like NABARD for providing upgraded training to the youths of our intervention blocks.
  • Cross-country knowledge exchange programmes under 'Level-Up Village' classes for children in Rajasthan (Jaipur) and Andhra Pradesh (Visakhapatnam).